025: Family Time and Bits

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Allsorts really, I have an audiobook of Pride and Prejudice so I’ve been listening to that while driving home from work so that I can make time to fit in “reading” it.

Lots of TV. It’s not that good lol. I realised that I watch more American TV that British TV (if you didn’t get that already!). I was given Season 1 of Being Erica for Christmas and then bought Season 2 and 3 (in English but they had Dutch subtitles as default so learnt some Dutch at the same time). Want to see Season 4 but I’m not sure if it’ll make it to the UK. I’ve also been watching Covert Affairs. House and Bones (the second two are thanks to my Mum recording them for me because I don’t get Sky). On the other hand I’ve been really loving Call The Midwife, Sherlock and Great Expectations which have been on the BBC recently (Great Expectations was actually on over Christmas but I’ve only just finished it – I decided the Miss Haversham bit at the end was the last thing we needed while eating dinner!).

I also watched 127 Hours this week which probably wouldn’t have been my first choice but actually it’s not as bloody as people made it out to be – okay it’s not pretty but at the same time it’s no more bloody than ER or Grey’s can sometimes be.

I’m half reading Pride and Prejudice – although I’m doing most of it by audiobook I am reading some of the chapters by book. I realised that I have 3 copies of it but have never read it completely. (One of those is in an anthology like Grigg in Jane Austen Book Club but it’s kind of heavy so I only read that one when I’m at home and can prop it up rather than hold it!). I have like 6 books to read before my Birthday to complete more tasks on my 25 before I’m 26 list. They are: Love Wins by Rob Bell, The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien, two more Austen (Probably including Northanger Abbey so that I can read The Mysteries of Udolpho)

Probably too much pizza this week but the first meal of pizza was meeting up with my old school friend who I haven’t seen in ages (we sat in the pizza restaurant for 3.5 hours! We sat down at 12:30 and were almost there when the dinner run started lol). We then went out for tea for family night and had pizza but we had a large pizza between three of us which was plenty enough for me lol.

Clothes – I bought a brown t-shirt from the charity shop which is a Size 14 which is awesome that it fits without making me look really silly lol.My Size 16 black trousers that I wear for work are getting a bit big now but I’m still not quite small enough to fit back in my Size 14s that I bought a few weeks ago. I really need a Size 15 as I’m not quite one or the other at the moment! Also sticking to layers – can never tell whether it will be cold or hot in our office.

Sleeping – well when it happens as I seem to have hand some insomnia in the last two nights – 2:30am on a work night isn’t fun – I tried reading but even on the lowest brightness on my phone it was still lighting up the room!

MY BED! I wasn’t very well last week and spent most of the weekend curled up on the sofa or in bed just trying to get rid of the cold.

Thinking About
Friday, our team are going to London for our Christmas Do but because of how busy Christmas gets it was postponed to the New Year. I think I’ve been appointed Tour Guide to make sure we’re heading the right way when we get off the tube at Covent Garden – then again it’s one of my favourite areas of London so we should be fine – I think I just need to wear a really bright hat or take my stripey umbrella so I’m not missed!

We’re off to see The Lion King at The Lyceum which is really exciting – I have already seen it but I love musicals so just going to London to the Theatre makes me excited. I loved the elephant the most last time I went to see it but I can’t find a picture of it – then again all the animals were pretty amazing – the giraffes and the leopard were my next favourites. Bring it on!!

The Lion King


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