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Since Christmas I feel like I’ve been treading water both at home and at work. I think it’s finally reached the point that it’s winding me up and stressing me out. I stood in the kitchen this evening, had a cry and basically said “I didn’t want to be at work and I didn’t want to be here, I just wanted to be somewhere else”. I’ve never been that good at chores – my room would get to the point where I was essentially “grounded” until I tidied it – I’d have piles of books here there and everywhere or clean clothes stacked up along my sofa bed and dirty clothes across the floor.

Anyway, I figured this week would be dedicated to things to do. (And at the rate I’m going next weeks might be things to do to escape the chores!)

  1. Unload the dishwasher
  2. Reload the dishwasher
  3. Hand wash Chris’s posh knives
  4. Wash Our Sidekick’s school uniform (tomorrow is mufti so I have a head start!)
  5. Washing my work clothes
  6. Vacuum the living room
  7. Tidy our bedroom
  8. Vacuum the bedroom
  9. Sort out my clothes
  10. Store clothes somewhere until the Swishing Party on the 11th Feb

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  1. Angie says:

    Dearest Hannah, I find when things get so bad that you don’t know where to start its a good idea to try one of these –
    Set a timer for 15 mins – its amazing how much you can do in that time. Just start small, don’t drag everything out of a cupboard so you get overwhelmed.
    Grab a carrier bag and walk around the house and gather up things for the bin as you go. Don’t know about you but I often sweep ‘stuff’ into a drawer 😉
    Get a pack of household wipes – after you have used the bathroom every morning, wipe round the sink and loo and its always presentable.
    Try to keep your kitchen sink shiny clean, kitchen never looks wrecked when sink looks good 😉
    I used to worry so much about things not being good enough. I found a website called Flylady, a bit extreme, lol, but some good ideas.
    Think its a great idea to thin out the books and DVDs, you can always just keep the special ones xxx

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