1. Crystal says:

    This is such a great little poster. I have two times in my life that really stick out where someone has asked me if I was bipolar or was told I am so OCD. Which neither of them are true but it stuck with me and it hurt and scared me. My grandmother was bi-polar but it was caused by a med she was on and now after almost 30 years she is off the meds and no signs of bipolar. Still scary for a young person to have those thoughts bouncing around their mind that they could be bipolar.
    Anyway history lesson on Crystal! ha ha I love the poster and think it to be very true to our overly medicated societies.
    Hope your having a wonderful week,

    • Hannie says:

      Hey Crystal – sorry catching up comments – hence why it’s like a month after you commented! Thank you for you comment. I think everyone has their OCD tendencies sometimes – I have to turn the jars in the cupboard so all the labels face forward – don’t ask me why when I can see what is in the glass jars I just have to do it sometimes. I know when I was like 21ish I had really bad mood swings – I put them down to some medication I was taking but it was just horrible like I’d be happy and laughing and then within minutes I’d be bawling my eyes out and shouting at the top of my voice usually over something ridiculously tiny. I knew it needed to be sorted when I tried punching the shed – I grazed up my knuckles but didn’t break anything but my hand was so red and puffy.

      I think in 30 years, Doctors have understood more about Bipolar and other mental illnesses and how to treat them – I’m not saying they have all the answers but they have some idea of how to go about it. They try counselling and medication before things like EST (Electric Shock Therapy – I’m sure it has some proper technical name) thankfully

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