030: Dear Monday

Dear Monday, according to the weather we’re due to get snow this week – I’m not sure if it’s coming but it did sleet this evening – maybe it’s on it’s way, Who knows we might have a dusting in the morning.

Dear CJ, You got very excited after reading my blog plan a few minutes ago – I’m not entirely sure if you read this though so maybe the plan it is – I am glad though that you show off my blog when you have website meetings.

Dear Our Sidekick, I am still so chuffed about your pizza from the weekend – can you make another one please? I printed off the FB comments about it and I’m going to print out a picture – then again I’m going to get a lot of pictures printed – we need to start your journal/scrapbook thing.

Dear Cousin V, you turned 18 a few weeks ago and it’s your party this weekend – ROCK ON!

Dear CJ (Yes you get two a la Today’s Letters) My appraisal is on Wednesday and I’m a bit nervous about it – will you give me a super big hug so I feel extra spesh?


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