031: 100 Words Challenge (Week 29)

100 Words
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100 Word Challenge: Week 29

I call her from the other side of the world and her phone goes straight to voicemail.

“Mum, I’m pretty sure when your only daughter is the other side of the world, you don’t ignore international calls in case it’s an emergency.” I paused, I was joking but she might take it as a telling off.

“Mum, I’m going to be landing at Heathrow on Wednesday. The project finished early – it made more sense to come home then hang around and fork out for a hotel.”

I hung up the phone.

Twenty four hours to kill, what should I do?


  1. Sally-Jayne says:

    I love the last line – makes me wonder of she’d been planning to the spend the 24 hours chatting to her mum. Now that would have been one expensive phone call….maybe it’s just as well it went to voicemail!

  2. Crystal says:

    Or maybe mum was out on a date! ha ha I think that sometimes when I can’t get ahold of my mom.
    24 hours to kill I say throw your bags in a locker or storage, take your camera & money and take a cab into the heart of the city and explore.

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