041: 100 Word Challenge (Week 30)

100 Words

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100 Word Challenge: Week 30

Tommy had been winding Jack up all day and when Jack saw the opportunity to get Jack back he took it.

He picked up the book and launched it across the room. It seemed to almost travel in slow motion – or at least in Tommy’s imagination it did. But as it went across the room Jack stepped out of the path of the book and the teacher took Jack’s place.


The book made contact with the teacher.

“TOMMY!!!!” the teacher shouted at him “COME HERE!”

It wasn’t my fault!” Tommy tried to plead his innocent. Really, it was futile.


  1. Anna says:

    haha, I have had this exact thing happen in my class- the look on the child’s face was priceless and the fact it happened was a lesson in itself. Well observed!

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