072: Dear Monday

Linking up with the newly engaged Megan from The Happy Day Blog.

Dear Inspiration, I’m beginning to think that I need some way of recording my blog post ideas while I’m in the shower because you send me the best ideas  but then I forget them by the time I’ve got out the shower and made it to my computer or a notepad. Clearly I need to work that bit out.

Dear Common Cold and Tiredness, clearly one of you led to the other and so I’ve spent this weekend being icky and full of cold. Our Sidekick got up Friday morning saying he had a sore throat and that he felt really tired – we just put it down to the week being really crazy and packed him off to school anyway. I think Chris’s thinking was along the lines of unless you are actually dying you’re not staying home and therefore you are going to school, see you later.

Dear Chris Since Tuesday you’ve spent nearly the whole of the week at The Fountain doing painting and cleaning and stuff like that. I think your first job this morning was cleaning toilets after we went to buy toilet brushes yesterday either that or co-ordinating the electrician. Each time I come to the building it’s changed and developed.

Dear Sidekick, You were set Science homework last week and I really couldn’t help you – we got so stuck but thankfully with friends like Sally-Jayne coming to our rescue we were able to finish of your homework ready for the deadline on Wednesday. Now tomorrow we have to finishing Geography and R.E. ready for next Monday.

Dear Chris (You get to letters a la Today’s Letters) Don’t forget to take a time out – you’re running head first at the Opening Day and if you’re not careful you’ll keel over in a heap – I’ll probably find you snuggled up next to The Fountain door or something. On another note tomorrow you and me have been together either as girlfriend/boyfriend or man/wife for seven years – can you believe that?

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