092: April Fools!

I got pranked. Our Sidekick had been discussing with me how he was going to play an epic prank on Chris he just had to think up one that would be “LEGEND*wait for it*DARY”. Oh Grasshopper you have *so* much to learn.

At some point between bedtime Saturday and get up time on Sunday, Chris reset all the clocks in the house (apart from his own phone) so that they were an hour earlier than the actual time. Chris had borrowed my phone to look at something but I’d not questioned him looking at my phone as he often has a quick look to see if my iPhone4 is doing the same thing as his iPhone4S.

I woke up Sunday and looked at my phone it was 9:07!!!!! What!!! I’m supposed to be at church in 8 minutes ready for band practice. We all get ready at high speed (while Chris is secretly laughing his backside off because I’m in full blown stress mode!). We get to church and the sliding doors weren’t open – okay it’s kind of weird as it’s nearly 9:30 on my phone but it’s not completely unheard of. We went in the side door and a few other bits raised question marks but again not completely unheard of. I walked through to the worship area and parked in front of the PC to print off some music.

I looked at the PC clock and thought it just hadn’t been reset following the clocks changing last weekend so I reset the church clock to the time it was on my phone. Chris came over and put his phone next to mine and hit the home buttons on both – my phone said the wrong time and “Saturday 31st March” his had the correct time and “Sunday 1st April”. Then the penny dropped.

He then apologised for stealing an hour of my sleep especially given the fact that I’ve been feeling rough for the last week.

It was very good; the rest of the band and our friend at church had a good laugh at our expense – it kind of hurt that people were laughing at my misfortune but the fact that I’d not clocked that Chris had changed the time and date on my phone made it even funnier.

The lesson learnt as I told Our Sidekick is – don’t take on Chris he has ways to get you back. Since we’ve been married I’ve heard reports of underwear and clothing in a tree at a camp site, pegging someone in their tent (then again this might have been the youth group prank that started the clothing in a tree incident), our friend’s son dared Chris that he wouldn’t gaffer tape him to a chair – well then it had to be done so our friend’s 10 year old was gaffered to a camping chair (before you tell us off for it – his Mum was well aware what was happening and knew that Chris is sensible enough to pull the plug if our friend’s son was at risk of getting heard). I’ve learnt that I don’t have the skills to prank Chris and get away with it – I’ll stick to jumping out at him or Our Sidekick to make them jump – that’s my kind of prank.

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