093: Dear Monday

Dear Monday

Joining up with Megan from Happy Day Blog.

Dear Monday, how did you arrive so soon? I’ve sick for a week and I’m so fed up of it. I need to be better! Thankfully my manager and my colleague have agreed that I can take two days off next week as holiday – add in the bank holidays for Easter that gives me 5 days off in a row – I think that’s enough to relax and try and recover.

Dear Guinea Pigs, do you actually know how cute you are? I got home from work and sat next to your cage – when you realised that I wasn’t going to eat you (although me and Dad do keep joking about what roasted guinea pig tastes like – it’s a delicacy in Peru!) you came to the bars and poked your nose through to see what was going on. I got your food bag and shook it a bit you started squeaking and bubbling lots like you were talking to me. I gave you a handful of food and then moved your cage so I could get on with some chores round the kitchen. You freaked out a little bit when I moved your cage but I think you appreciated the music while I did the washing up.

Dear Chris, by this time next week The Fountain will have been opened officially. Saturday is the official opening and it’s very exciting although very tiring making sure everything is ready – I’ve ticked two or three things off the list that you gave me at tea time but the other two were past my brain capacity at 11pm at night.

Dear Junk Food, I’m surprised that I haven’t started sprouting massive zits – I’ve eaten way too much of you over the last few weeks between not having food in the cupboard/the energy to do food shopping (at one point I sucked it up and got on with it last week) and spending bunches of time getting The Fountain ready – this might have contributed to the lack of wellbeing going on around here. I am thinking of a detox from you and from other nasties that make me bleurghy. Where to start? Some of the diets floating around like Whole30 (and here), Juice Cleanse and Paleo all seem seriously hard core and bit beyond me. (Juice Cleanse looks good but I think I’d need Lacy to live near me so that she could keep me in check each day!)

Dear Our Sidekick, Thank you for laughing with me while I tried to street dance on the way to meet Chris on Sunday. I’m not very good and should stick to contemporary instead. I really want you to be more confident in your talents – you are so good at so many things but somehow believe that you aren’t any good at them. (This gives me a sad face)

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