095: 100 Word Challenge – Week 36

Last week the prompt for the 100WCGU was “‘What was the rabbit late for?’ wondered Alice. Well I didn’t end up joining in last week but have managed to join in this week.

This week’s prompt is to pick a section of 10 words from one of last week’s posts and use that as the prompt for your 100 words this week. I’ve adopted my 10 words from Lynda’s post.

This was her story for last week’s prompt:

Alice lay back in the garden swing, rocking it back and forth in the warm Spring sunshine, feeling drowsy. Suddenly, a small, white rabbit scuttled across the lawn as if being pursued by a wild beast. She pondered this fact, curious to know why there was a white rabbit in her garden. Surely wild rabbits weren’t white?

Her mind rolled back to sitting on her mother’s knee, reading her favourite book ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Her memories flooded back.

‘What was the rabbit late for,’ wondered Alice and asked her mother out loud.

‘I can’t tell you. It was a secret, just between us. We promised to tell no-one.”

From her story I’ve taken the phrase “secret, just between us. We promised to tell no-one” and used it to create my entry for this week. We had the choice of following on or going for a different path – I choice a different path – here we go:

It was a secret, just between us. We promised to tell no-one. But clearly her idea of a secret was different to mine. How could she betray me like that and tell everyone. I sat at the back of the class room so no-one could see me. How long was it to the end of the day – it would be the summer holidays – six long weeks for people to forget what had been said. I’d just keep my head down for now – I’d see my friends who cared over the holidays. Just half an hour to go until the bell.

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