10 Tips to Make Your Home Shine

When you look at social media it can feel like your home needs lots done to it to make it feel better but sometimes it’s just little things you need to do. Here are 10 tips to make your home shine.

We’ve been working on our house both inside and out and quite a few houses that I pass on my way to and from different places have been having work done to them in one way or another – one house I see has practically doubled its floor space with the extension that is going up outside!

Cleaning around the house

It’s a bit of an interesting time for the housing market, with reports that the indexed value of homes in the UK has recently fallen for the first time in two years. For those looking to sell up, it may be a bit of a concern, and a shifting of the balance between demand and supply.One of the ways to make sure you get full value for your home is to embark upon home improvements. Major enhancements and renovations, with a view to selling in the future, is almost always a good idea – provided that any such undertakings are financed sensibly.

But for those looking to sell in the more immediate future, the good news is that there are some quick and easy fixes you can make around your home which can add a lot more to the price tag than you may think…

1) Kitchen improvements

It’s the hub of any home, and always a magnet for viewings. So giving your kitchen some TLC should be a priority. A lick of paint on the walls? Decluttering surfaces and storage? Tile and grouting work? New fittings and hardware? Any/all of these, coupled with a deep clean, will get you where you need to be.

2) Lighting

It’s not a case of getting an electrician in, or fitting expensive skylights. But popping in a few tactical lightbulbs here and there, or some fairy lights in the garden, will do wonders for a potential buyer’s first impression of your home.

3) Upgrade your shower nozzle

Nothing quite like a power shower to seal the deal! Many people assume problems on this front are to do with water pressure. More often than not though, it’s down to an inferior nozzle. Forking out a few quid to get a high-quality one may just be one of the better investments you ever make.

Shower Nozzle

4) Bathroom fixtures

Don’t just stop at the shower nozzle. There are so many other quick wins within the bathroom. New shiny towel rails, lights, taps and fittings are cheap and easy to upgrade, and very much worth the minimal hassle involved.

5) Dress your windows

Curtains, shutters and blinds can alter perceptions in a big way. Although it may feel like a big outlay late in the game, investing in high-quality window dressers can make all the difference, and provide a stylish feel.

6) Fix all defects

It’s so tempting to just absorb the costs of structural or superficial problems instead of spending time and money on fixing them. But, within reason, the value gained by having a problem-free home is well worth it, and gives you the upper hand in the sale, rather than the buyer. This is not something to skimp on.

7) Spruce up the fireplace

Whether you use it or not, there’s nothing like a fireplace to give off the impression of cosiness. Perhaps it needs some new paint around the edges? Filling of some cracks? Or just a good old-fashioned clean? Either way, it’s worth putting some time into this small, but valuable part of your home.

8) The garden

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, this is one of the biggest golden eggs to be sitting on. Declutter it, cut the grass, make sure there are no broken pots, get rid of any moss or overgrowth and clean it up so it gleams. This will be the best investment of your time of all, guaranteed. You might want to make sure that you make your garden better for the environment too. Maybe try some of these tips from Stylish London Living.


9) Declutter the gutters

Cleaning gutters and giving them a quick wipe-down will unearth a tremendous amount of dirt, and you’ll scarcely believe what a difference this can make. This is a job that will take just a matter of minutes, but the results will speak for themselves.

10) Get something lovely in the oven

It’s one of the oldest tricks in the books – but it works! If you know when there are going to be viewings, bake a cake, or get some other slow-cooked goodness on the go. The lovely aromas will clinch the sale!