100 Word Challenge: Week 6

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The sun shone but there was a chill in the air as Sooz headed for the tube stop, it was August but she needed her woolies. It was 5:30am and it was the start of another day. It was going to be another long shift for her. She had to get on with her job as a barista but the whole idea of serving the suits and the girls in their clickety clackety heels filled her with a bit of dread. She would never be one of those girls, brightly coloured hair, ink and piercings were more her thing.


  1. Sally-Jayne Braisby says:

    I like “clickety clackety” – great onomatopoeia! Very realistic observations about the weather too – might be August but I’ve had my woollies on all day today!

    • Hannie says:

      I half stole it from Devil Wears Prada – Anne H’s character calls the girls with those high heels “The Clackers” because of the noise the heels make on the floor. I thought it still fitted.

      I had to take a jumper with me to work last week (the one day they decide to switch off the a/c so I got to the office was baking lol) Then again this morning I needed at least a cardigan – I was frozen! I’m camping that week before we make it to you in September – I am going to be so glad to be sleeping in a proper bed/sofa bed in a warm house rather than a cold field lol.

    • Hannie says:

      Thanks for the comment 🙂 I love the idea that she works as a barista because she can get away with being herself and showing her ink and piercings rather than having to hide them behind a uniform of formality or of fashion (i guess if she was part of the “girls with the clickety clickety heels”)

  2. kay wilkinson says:

    I loved clickety clackety heels too! A very chilly bit of writing, made me want to go and find a cardie! Brilliantly written, astmospheric, gives an insight into a personality and it flows really well. I’m loving reading everyone’s interpretations. :O) @Chaoskay

  3. Ross Mannell says:

    “We are all individuals,” they claimed as one. Their clickety clack heels tells another story for it’s the barista who is the individual looking through their facade of fashion. Enjoyed your story. 🙂

  4. Hannie says:

    I imagined that either she landed an amazing job but ended up turning into one of those girls or she landed an amazing job and then was in a better role that a barista but still got to be her. Pink hair and all!

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