Our Talk: Me and Mum

This evening at holiday club, Mum interviewed me, we are looking at the story of Moses this week and how God protected him, so Mum interviewed me about an occasion when God has protected me. So here is the interview. It was for kids from about 5 up to 18+ so it had to make sense to the littlelies as well.

Have you ever felt God protecting you?

When I was 14, I was involved in a car accident in town. It was February half term holiday, me and my best friend had been for a wander round town.

So what happened?

We were heading back to her house and were stood at the crossing outside Barclays Bank in the High Street and a guy who been running away from the police pushed through the crowd and pushed me into the road and I knocked in to a passing car.

Did you panic? Did you feel God with you?

Yes, I did. I was told to keep still and the nurse was holding my head so I couldn’t look around to find Clare which made me panic more.

I didn’t have a feeling of God being with me at first but one of the first people to ome to help me was a nurse and she knew what she was doing. So looking back I think God knew what I needed and sent the nurse to look after me.

What happened next?

After a few minutes, Clare came to get my phone from my bag to call Mum. I half heard her making the phone call but everyone around me were asking me questions and keeping me talking.

Because one of the first people on the scene was a police officer, it was radio-ed in almost straight away that an ambulance was needed.

Because of me the whole of Bedford had become a really big traffic jam. I could hear the siren on the ambulance but it seemed to take forever for it to cut through the queues and get to me.

The paramedics arrived and got me onto the spinal board and stretcher as they were about to put me into the ambulance as my mum arrived. Her friend Kate had given her a lift from work to town to meet me but because of all the traffic it had slowed Mum down.

I was taken to hospital and was taken straight through to be seen by a doctor – I think it’s the fastest I’ve ever been seen by a doctor in A&E. I had my neck and various other parts checked and the Doctor said that I could be taken off the spinal board. I was then sent for an x-ray to make sure that my ankle was okay as it had started hurting. The Doctor said that I had a sprained ankle and whiplash. It was a little while after that I realised that had God not be there to protect me it could have been a whole lot worse. Sometimes you feel God being there in a situation and you know he’s there – like a calmness or a warmth. Other times you don’t feel it but after you notice how different something could have been without God there.

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  1. Lily says:

    The steps of the righteous are ordered of the Lord (Ps 37:13) and “all things work for the good of those who love the Lord” Rom 8:28. Neither of these verses say that nothing bad will happen but that God will be there when it does and He works it out for our good.

    I’m glad He sent the nurse to keep you still, and I’m glad that you are ok.


    • Hannie says:

      Hello Lily 🙂 Thank you for the comment – I’m never sure whether to share bible stuff – at the same time it’s part of me and it’s my blog so 😛 lol.

      Thank you for the verses 🙂 Yeah I am fine – I was better within about two weeks. I don’t think the guy had done it maliciously he was running away from the police and it was an accident. The police officer who was assigned to my case came round for a statement about a week later and said that the guy got across the street and turned back to see how big a lead he had on the police officers and saw the huddle around me – was genuinely concerned that I’d been seriously injured. The police put in a charge for GBH I’m not sure/I don’t remember if he did get charged with it or not.

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