1,000 Things: Another Part…..

Following Friday’s mad tidy of the summerhouse a few weeks back, Saturday was the turn of the bedroom and the nursery. Mum and I had already organised that she’d come and help get the bits finished that still needed work. For example we had the cot up and the clothes away but the nappies were stacked in piles and not really organised.

Nursery 1 - cot in place

Ready for a resident

We cleared out a heap more books and some clothes as well as a bunch of stuff that had just been accumulating rather than being dealt with so then we had a super tidy bedroom too. The challenge is now to keep it this tidy – it’s slacked a bit at the moment but going to get it done today.

While my Mum was here my Dad came to help too – as we put it “we need a gopher!”. We asked him to come and run stuff between upstairs, downstairs and the summerhouse. It was easier than us doing it – I’m not exactly managing the stairs all that well and my mum struggles with the stairs anyway (especially as ours doesn’t have a handrail!)

We decided that the wardrobe needed to be reassembled. Chris did have a whole plan but by taking it down we didn’t have enough storage – so who do you call? You call Grandad cos he’s the man that can. (Chris sometimes disses how close I live to my family but sometimes like when you need extra hands on deck it’s really helpful!) I rang Grandad and asked if he could come help. I said about him coming after lunch but I think he pretty much dropped what he was doing to come help me out. Dad and him had to assemble the wardrobe at a funny angle as there wasn’t quite enough room to assemble it as Grandad would have normally done but somehow it worked and they got it sorted.

Bedroom sorted!!


    • Hannah says:

      Thank you. I’m excited for baby to get here and start using it. A week tomorrow until my due date!

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