Dear Blueberry – 38 Weeks


Dear Blueberry,

It’s getting a bit cramped round these parts now. I’ve worked out that it I sit a certain way then I’m fine but if I sit another way then I end up all achy as there’s not enough room between my hips and ribs. The other option is I just give up and lie down in front of the TV and stay there for the rest of the day.

Things like loading the washing machine and dishwasher are getting harder – the boys are pretty good. If I load the top tray they will load the bottom one.

You’ve been kicking more vigorously and sometimes get sort of stuck – I’ll end up with a knee or elbow sticking out at a funny angle.

On Sunday, I went with Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Rich to cheer on Auntie Heather at Race for Life. I think all the walking and all the standing up I did upset you a bit because I had stomach ache and then when I walked back to the car after lunch I got stronger pains – as they stopped almost as quick as they started I didn’t worry but I’ll mention it to the midwife today at my appointment.

On Monday Chris and I went to visit our friend and our new goddaughter. We spent like two hours just chatting. Our friend and Chris were discussing my bump. They are convinced you’ve dropped. You got the hiccups at one point and I could feel it in the top of the bump but could also feel it in my lower back so I’m pretty sure you’ve dropped. Shall we take a sweepstake on when you decide to appear?

Yesterday something was going on and I think you wanted to make your presence known. Our Sidekick, Chris and I had a disagreement to the point that that we were all quite cross at each other. Well I think you wanted to join in too because there was a massive achy pain in my abdomen and that plus the falling out made me cry. I headed upstairs and put on some music and laid down to try and calm down. It did go away and didn’t come back again. I think it’s your way of getting ready to make your entrance into the world.

Today we’ve got all sorts going on, in the morning we’re off to meet with various social work people to be re-approved as foster carers for Our Sidekick (I’ve promised our social worker that I’ll keep my legs crossed so whatever you do don’t decide to come in the morning!). In the afternoon I have my midwifes appointment and then in the evening I have a holiday club meeting – that’ll be another thing to tick off “last holiday club meeting before Blueberry arrives”.


    • Hannah says:

      Hello Lucy, I’m doing okay. I didn’t sleep great so feeling a bit weary today – kept waking up in the night. Might grab a nap later after the midwife appointment. Hope you and Bertster are doing okay today.

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