1,000 Things: The Next Installment

1000 Things

I am a book worm

I am a book worm.

According to my Goodreads account I have 22 books in progress – yes how I ended up with that many started but not finished I have no idea!

We’re heading into the home straight as it were with the arrival of Blueberry and although the cot has bedding and the clothes have been washed and put away there still a bit of a mess here and there to contend with. I think part of this is caused by the number of books I have.

I posted a small selection on a Facebook conversation to see if I could get them adopted and minus the 5 or 6 that my mum or brother asked to read/adopt none of them went.

People recommended the “Things for Sale in Bedfordshire” kind of groups but there doesn’t seem to be much up take on there. In fact I woke up this morning to a comment suggesting that I try Music Magpie – another good idea however they don’t take books. I also had a look at Amazon Trade In and Buy Back on Abe Books but again no such luck. They’d take a few titles but not enough to really make it worth going through all the ones I want to get rid of.

So while playing Patience on my phone I had an idea to donate them to the library. It’s just up the road (probably a smidgen closer than the post office) and they should either be able to put them into circulation or put them on the sale table.

Total number to be donated is yet to be confirmed but I should hopefully have it later today as I’m going to collar Chris to help me with the loading the car and unloading at the library as it’s his day off and he’s stronger than me lol.

Current Tally: 19 to the library, 5 adopted by people. 24 gone in total.

Update: After spending a chunk of the day out in the garden we took the 19 books to the charity shop along with a bin bag of all sorts of bits.

We also took an old television, old lawn mower, various radios and other small electrical items and lots of cardboard to the tip.