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Still listening to McFly

Working on a stripe blanket – it will take longer than a normal granny square blanket but hopefully it’ll look interesting. Up to Row 9.

Better than last week but still not entirely right. Might have had first Braxton Hick but I’m not sure. I got a funny pain in my back and nearly jumped out my chair, but then it didn’t happen so maybe I was just sat funny.

More crochet ideas, “contingency” of who does what when I go into labour and making sure that my hospital bag is ready. I also need to pack Chris’s “Go” bag – it’s sort of a hospital bag but as he won’t necessarily be allowed to stay but might need things while I’m in labour I’m calling it his “Go” bag.

Sleep, crochet, knitting and eating lol. Well eating is when I can – Blueberry has been a little high recently so I haven’t always been able to eat.

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  1. LaWannish says:

    The four weeks will fly… rest as much as you can and once the baby is here.. sleep when they do. Being a mama is wonderful and emotional… enjoy each stage as they go by quickly ♡

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