101 in 1001: Day 1

I didn’t manage to achieve anything lol. Well I guess to a certain degree I did a achieve a few bits as I started counting on Saturday Afternoon (mainly because I finished my list on Friday I think and wanted to get started)

I watched Forever Young and Julie & Julia on Saturday afternoon with The Kiwi. (Yes I know I was supposed to be tech-less – TV was my downfull but also The Kiwi leaves soon for like 2.5 weeks in Kiwi-Land so I won’t see her for a little while so I had to cram in girlie DVD time before she goes.) We also watched The World is Not Enough.

Anyway they all count towards

11. Watch 100 films

So 97 to go on that one lol

Forever Young also counts towards

48. Watch 26 movies I’ve never seen starting with each letter of the Alphabet

So I’ve got 25 to go on that one.

On Sunday, Me and CJ went for lunch at the Red Hot World Buffet in Milton Keynes, I tried Daal, it’s an indian dish that doesn’t look particularly nice but as soon as CJ said “I don’t think you’ll like it” I then had to try it to prove a point but it counts towards:

50. Try 5 new foods (0/5)

Day: 1
Goals to go: 101
How many started: 3 (I think!)
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