The One With The Meal Out

Day 322 – Happy Birthday
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Yesterday was my Dad’s birthday. We were unable to go out for a meal yesterday as we had practices and bits on, so instead this evening we went out for dinner.

We went to the Beefeater at Priory Marina, it’s a nice restaurant but it used to be better (they removed some decent meals from the menu that were replaced with not so good ones lol)

Me and Mum had a platter thing to share between us which was nice. The Stig shared one of those with CJ, I then had his grilled pepper stuff from his kebab thing (Yup I had extra pepper by choice!)

For my mains I had pesto Pasta with Chargrilled Chicken – it wasn’t my first choice but the thing I wanted they had stopped doing at 6:30 (the wonders of a lunch/dinner menu). It was actually okay although when it said pesto pasta I expected the sauce to be like pesto out of a tube instead it had cream and stuff so it was creamier – if thats even a word lol.

Our waitress wasn’t really on the ball and when we ordered our desserts she brought me a Chocolate Fudge Sundae thingy when I’d ordered Belgian Waffle with Toffee Sauce. (I say that she wasn’t all the ball as when it came to our starters, she’d only put through one platter thing rather than two and she brought our drinks order a little later and brought me a pint of 6X that my Dad was drinking rather than a Diet Pepsi as I’d asked for)

My brother started play fighting with me, I gave him a wet willie (no don’t be rude it’s when you lick your finger and then poke in it the persons ear – or in my case i wiped it across his ear and face lol). I sat with my hands over my ears because I didn’t want him to do it back to me. He then grabbed my wrist and gave me a Chinese burn (explanation here) – i was too busy laughing because it was funny that he was still grossed out about me attacking him to cry – even though I was in pain and my arm had gone bright red lol.
Anyhoo all in all it was a good meal and I had fun celebrating my Dad’s Birthday with my family.

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