{101 in 1001 Days: An Update}

A friend of mine asked me how I was doing on my goals list. I’d kinda given up on it but when she asked I realised I should look into it – I’ve actually done more than I thought I had and I’m over half way through the goals and on Day 462 which is just under half way through date wise.

As you can see there are some to rewrite – those are where I’d ended up with duplicates or goals that aren’t at all realistic with what’s happening in the rest of my life lol. I’ll rewrite those and complete the others and then possible rewrite the failed ones too so that I can work on complete all 101 goals.

Have you ever done 101 in 1001 days? Did you start and not finish? Are you deterred from even starting in the first place?

I kinda started it last year when I felt like my everyday job was just the same over and over I needed to create something that I was doing for me. Creating goals for me to achieve.

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