101 in 1001 Days: Day 4

So today is Day 4, and I’ve completed 1 goal – I think I actually completed it on Day 1 but we’ll count it as today.

Today is Easter Maundy Thursday which means I have tomorrow and Monday off work – I am kinda excited about this as I’ve spent all week feeling really tired and generally not with it.

Kaelah is working on a project for her college class and I want to help her out – my main problem is that I don’t have a scanner at home so I might have to do it and then tweak etc on my Mum’s computer and hope its the right resolution and stuff like that. (Only thing is I need to have it done by Sunday – I have no plans for Saturday at the moment so I might be able to work on it then!)

Day: 4
Goals to go: 100
Started: 9
Completed: 1
Pages for Script Frenzy: 4 and a bit

EDIT: Ally corrected me – I got it wrong – Easter Thursday is a week today – today is Maundy Thursday.


  1. Ally says:

    You’re a week ahead of yourself Hannah – Today is Maundy Thursday, Easter Thursday will be next week, after Easter Sunday! 😉

    Anyway good luck with your goals, looks like you’re having fun with them, hope the project goes well too xxx

    • Hannie says:

      Ally, Thank you 🙂 I changed it – as you can see and even pointed out that it was you who corrected me 🙂 (Sorry about CJ and the debate that seems to have erupted with regards to Delirious?)

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