101 in 1001 Days: No 20

When I was at Middle School I used to cycle to and from school quite alot. Then when I moved to upper school I would cycle some of the time and then gradually after learning to drive I pretty much stopped cycling and would drive like 99% of the way and then walk when my car was in the garage – or something like that lol.

When I first moved in with Chris nearly everything we did was within walking distance so the car was only used for things like going to my parents or going outside of Bedford (or at least that was the idea!)

It’s only been recently since we moved to our own house that I’ve started cycling more as our house is a bit further away from church and work. I normally ride The Kiwi’s bike as when I have ridden Chris’s bike I’ve ended up injured or in pain lol. I decided that it was about time that I got my bike out of the garage at church and got it fixed up. I’m not sure that I will be able to ride to work – (I have to go up a pretty steep hill) just yet but I’m thinking that if I can start riding to and from church or to and from the shops it could make all the difference – also me and Chris might be able to go for bike rides. I am in the process of planing one to and from Sandy – which isn’t too far but it’s nearly 10 miles which to me is ages away!

I had asked Chris to look at my bike during the week but various bits got in his way and he didn’t manage to take a look.. We decided to take a look over it after church in the hope that we could then walk it home. Chris managed to get it out but the wheels were both flat. We got the bike out of the garaged and then got it into the car (Chris said that we wouldn’t be able to as the boot – even with the seats down, wouldn’t be big enough. I was willing to try it even if we then had to come up with a plan B.

We got the bike into the garage and when we got it home we had a team effort to pump up the tires – for now they are both fully pumped up but they might deflate as the outers on both tires are cracked where the rubber has perished. But from what my friend said the local cycle shop does a new set of tires for about £10-15 so that shouldn’t be too bad (Why can’t car tires be £10-15 for a pair lol).

Anyway tick it off – my bike is fixed.

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