100 Word Challenge: Week 5

So I’ve seen this challenge posted both on Ian‘s and Sally‘s blogs but never got round to doing it – but this time I did. It took me a few attempts as the first attempt was about 160 words and I hadn’t even mentioned the prompt! DOH! Then I edited and changed bits and got it down to 100. Tell me what you think. You can find the prompts here.

Prompt Week 5

The air smelt musty and the cold chilled my arms. How did I always get myself into trouble like this? I was trying to do my job and then this. I needed to work out where I was. I sat myself up but my head started to swim, I had come into the church to shelter from the thunder storm outside. Then everything went black. I reached up to my head. My forehead was bleeding. I waited for my vision to clear and reached to my left, there was a body next to me but it was cold and metallic.


  1. Sally-Jayne Braisby says:

    Nice one Hannah – very spooky feel to it. I wonder what happened to bring this person to the church and what happened to make them lose consciousness? I really enjoyed reading it.

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