101 Things (Update Oct 2010)

Having been asked by my friend about how far I’d got with my goals I figured an update is needed – once I’m over 50 goals I’ll definitely start counting down I think!
1. Go camping
2. Buy an external hard drive
3. Go to the cinema on my own
4. Attend a Girl Geek Event in London
5. Build a blanket fort
6. Eat a meal inside a blanket fort
7. Visit a foreign country
8. Go to Paris
9. Start a new blog
10. Organise my clothes and donate what I don’t wear
11. Find a new pen pal
12. Surprise someone (with a visit, flowers, something nice)
13. Sing at Karaoke
14. Try 5 new foods (5/5)
15. Find a penpal.
16. Buy a copy of the Manga Bible
17. Read the Manga bible start to finish
18. Ride the Paris Metro
19. Ask for directions in French and don’t whimp out by pointing!
20. Ride the Eurostar
21. Visit the Louvre Museum in Paris
22. Stand underneath the Eiffel Tower, Paris
23. Complete one sewing project
24. Watch Season 1 of A Town Called Eureka. (12/12)
25. Update my Amazon WishList after my 24th Birthday
26. Purchase The West Wing
27. Watch The West Wing
28. Do Race for Life once.
29. Discover 3 new groups or artists that I like (3/3)
30. Take part in Script Frenzy 2010
31. Purchase/find a notebook for the above task
32. Learn to light a fire without matches
33. Clear and Organise my Mac
34. Sort out the box on to of the wardrobe
35. Attempt to make an item of clothing from scratch.
36. Watch the World Cup Final (11th July 2010)

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