The One in agreement with Coffee Girl

I have a friend, well I like to think of her as a friend even though I don’t really know her and I swoop in and read/comment on her blog. She goes by Coffee Girl and blogs post is entitled “I use mouthwash, sometimes I floss” and it had a list of random bits. I wanted to comment on them but realised that my comment was getting rather long again so a post in tribute to the other blog post was needed so here we go.

Rock Angel’s take on Coffee Girl’s list.

I often watch marathons of Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Degrassi. Reruns never seem to get old.

Ok so I have never heard of Degrassi but I love Fresh Prince. Me and my brother used to rap along to the title even though we were both really rubbish.

I don’t wash my hair everyday.

Neither do I! Is that gross? My theory is if it doesn’t need the wash why waste time? Can I just go with one day old hair (then again I get to about 4 day old then decide it needs a wash.)

Sometimes I sing when I’m listening to my ipod and walking somewhere, people give me weird looks.

I walked into town on Wednesday and on the way home I was listening to Can’t Stop The Beat from Hairspray. I danced down my street and then up the stairs of our flat building.

I avoid doing dishes, my apartment needs to be cleaned but I just blame it on living with a boy.

It’s CJ’s chore to do the dishes but for one or another reason they seem to mount up until we have very few left. I would do them for a second week in a row but then I’d be doing his chores and mine.

I’m scared of elevators.

I’m ok in elevators but escalators used to freak me out big time! Especially the really long ones on the Underground.

I hold my breath if I notice I am passing a graveyard.

Nope don’t do this one. I bet I do do other random things though let me think about that one.

Sometimes I think my internet self is way cooler than me in real life.

Me too! I’m not really sure why though! I think it’s probably because I seem to be more confident between what I write/say.

There are a few songs that still make me cry every time I listen to them because of the people I connect them with.

I used to love Somewhere Over The Rainbow by Eva Cassidy. Back in November it was played at my Grandma’s Cremation. Can’t listen to it now.

Sometimes I forget to use spell check.

I try to use it at work but I don’t always remember!

I secretly like the security and safe feeling that comes with working in a cubicle.

I don’t work in a cubicle I work at a desk in what could be an open plan office I guess. I don’t mind it but I feel out in the open and a bit defenceless.

I don’t like chocolate milk.

I don’t either – I also don’t like Coco Pops!

I hate when my hair is curly. I straighten it obsessively even though most people agree that it looks better natural.

I have wavy hair, so sometimes I straighten it – most of the time it’s pulled back into a pony tail or a scruffy bun so that it’s out of my face. (I would be an emo but the hair in my eyes annoys me!)

Every single morning I drink a 20 oz coffee. Until I have that coffee, I am usually in a terrible mood.

Can’t stand coffee!! I have to hold my breathe when I make it for people at work and at church the smell just makes me feel a bit queasy.

I like eggs even though I am a vegetarian and they are unborn chickens.

I like eggs too. Aren’t they treated or something so that the eggs don’t hatch? Could you imagine going to the supermarket – opening a box to make sure they aren’t cracked and theres a little chick sticking it’s head out the box?!?! Lol

In general, most 20somthing blogs bother me. They are so unrealistic and chipper. Also, there is no way to really achieve internet fame unless you post a ridiculous video on youtube.

I tried the whole YouTube thing but I sound so dopey over the microphone also I struggle to find stuff to talk about!

My mom and much of my extended family reads my blog.

I know my cousin, his girlfriend and my aunt read it and I think CJ reads it but other than that I don’t think my family do read it.

Very few people really know me.

I’m not really sure. I know I am struggling to make friends in RL at the moment. Since my friends from uni when home like a year and a half ago I’ve become more and more involved in online stuff like Twitter and Swap-Bot.

I hate pens write in blue ink.

I do like blue but they have to be comfortable to write with. I prefer slightly chunkier pens but not too chunky. I dislike pens that come in packaging that you can’t open to try because how do you know that they are comfy to write with.

I am a terrible driver.

I probably am too but I pretend I’m safe lol. CJ always whinges about my driving but then I don’t drive like I’m on my test all the time.

My socks often don’t match.

I am permanently in odd socks for example today I have black and white stripes but one has wide white stripes and thin black stripes and the other is the opposite.

I am incredibly predictable

I am predictable when I try to be random CJ looks at me like I am nuts or just tells me I’m weird.

I love listening to new music, but usually end up choosing old favorites after I’ve listened part of a new cd.

I have listened to Layla by Derek and the Dominos like 10 times since Thursday! How weird is that! It’s like part of my childhood! My Dad is a huge fan of Eric Clapton and Derek and the Dominos.

I hate birthdays, more specifically my birthday.

I love my birthday! It’s my day. Will ask Coffee Girl why she doesn’t like it.

I take things too seriously and try to control everything.

I went through a stage when I got really uptight about stuff and everything would bother me but I think that was linked to the friendship thing. (I thing I may have had/may still have very minor depression which was worse when I didn’t have a job.)

I haven’t seen The Dark Night yet and I think I am the only person who didn’t really like the movie Juno.

I saw the Dark Knight at the cinema and loved Juno!

I don’t like showing a lot of skin. It makes me uncomfortable.

Ditto! I don’t mind my arms or my legs when in shorts and it’s too hot for trousers but other that that I don’t like it – I really struggle with wearing a swimming costume because they are so uncomfy. I want a swimming costume all in one thingy along with a pair of surf shorts to cover the lumps and bumps is that too much to ask for?!?

I think sushi is gross.

I so agree! I would try it but as I can’t even stomach the smell of tinned tuna or walking past the fish counter in the supermarket how would I manage Sushi.

I’ve cut some of the list out as I either didn’t agree with it or didn’t think I should write about it 🙂


  1. perpstu says:

    I don’t wash my hair every day either. It’s too much work and my ends get too dry so I pronounce you officially “not gross!” Your additions to coffee girl’s list are very funny!

  2. Elle says:

    I don’t wash my hair everyday either – it’s too thick to. Plus, it’s a pain to dry, straighten and style everyday (which I don’t do anyway recently – shoved back in a messy bun is how my hair is right now).

    Don’t worry, I concur it’s not gross!

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