The One with Flowers

Today was the first time our band made our appearance in church after the overhaul of the way worship time is done. 

We had a funny moment this morning. Last night there was a boys sleepover (there was supposed to be a girls one too but we only had one girl who was able to come so we decided to postpone) 

I went to church early so I could grab breakfast and encourage the boys who were in the band to be at church in time for the rehearsal. The drummer nipped off to the loo, tucked his drum stick under his arm while he went, he turned round and managed to drop his sticks into the toilet! This became a joke for the rest of the day and will probably continue to keep doing!

Zoza (another fab nickname!) came to church again today. She’s seriously cool! I think she was a bit baffled keeping up with everyone but I hope she felt welcome. I think she’s coming to Connect Group on Wednesday which should be cool. 

Kewey and Dan arrived towards the end. We hung out at church for ages and chatted with different people and hung out with Princess Nat. 

After that we went out for lunch. We went to the Orchard which was lovely. I had Profiteroles for pudding which were lush! There were like 9 sat on a bed of ice cream! They were fantastic!

After lunch we came back and chatted for a bit. CJ grabbed a nap and I played host. Kewey and Dan left about 3:30ish. I then sat on the sofa to watch Eagle Vs. Shark, but I kept dosing off. I curled up on the sofa and had a sleep for a little while. 

I had a dosey moment where I woke up long enough to close my MacBook and put it on the floor, then change position so I was laying on the sofa with my scarf over my eyes. 

Next thing I knew it was 6:30 and CJ had just had a call from someone in the youth group – we were late for 24/7! NOT GOOD! 

24/7 was good this evening as it was about families, but it there wasn’t so much God content today. 

Overall I had a fab day. I asked The Murf if I could borrow Wanted on DVD so I’m working my way through that now (but sleep will be needed soon). I have work in the morning so am coming down now :(. Why do I get so down about Sunday Evening/Monday Mornings? Yeah ok it’s not my dream job but at the moment I enjoy it, it pays the bills and doe the trick. 

I keep questioning about what I’m supposed to be doing. Am I just not listening carefully enough to see what God wants me to do? Has he already told me and I’ve ran away. (We’ve been doing the story of Jonah at church and the story keeps coming back to me.) Did I run away? Or am I yet to hear?

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