106: Dear Monday

Dear Monday

Joining up with Megan from Happy Day Blog.

Road Trip - 6

Dear Weekend, you were far too short! Having spent like 6-7 hours of the weekend in the car going to and from Stockport you vanished right before my eyes. On the other hand we took the pretty way home rather than the motorway. We did the motorway from Chesterfield to Milton Keynes but before joining the motorway we did all the pretty roads – this is the Peak District although it made me miss the Lakes (I’ve been once for a week and I miss it! Now I know why my Grandma and my Aunt love it so much)


Dear D and R, YOU’RE MARRIED NOW!!!! It’s so exciting! Nearly a year ago I helped you (D) move up to Stockport to live closer to R. It was so exciting to see you two makes your promises to each other – and thankfully even thought the church seemed really formal we were allowed to cheer really loud which was funny – especially when the mother of the groom (aka my second mum!) cheered!! It made me laugh really loud and then I felt like the naughty kid misbehaving!

Dear Lil Sis, it was at short notice but it was so good to hang out with you! It was a nice end to the Easter holidays (or at least I think it is!) We watched 27 Dresses. One of my favourites I think. We had pizza and ate Oreos, could it have been any better?

Dear Sleep, it was so hard to escape you this morning. I could have honestly done with some more of you I think. My B&B bed Saturday night was pretty comfortable but Chris switched the lights/fan off in the wrong order and so the extractor fan was on nearly all night – thankfully tiredness over took the inability to sleep due to the noise and I fell asleep – I swear I really struggle sleeping in strange beds.

Dear reading, clearly I missed you to – I read like 25% of a book last night – that’s not good then again it did aid sleep! I’m surprised I didn’t fall asleep with my Kindle in my hand (I did that the other week – Chris took it out of my hand and I woke up he told me I’d fallen asleep – when I told my Dad he laughed and made a comment about how I’m more and more like my Mum each day!)

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