108: Tuesday Tunes

Tuesday Tunes


I don’t tend to buy albums any more because I don’t always like all the songs – and there’s always that one that never gets played on the CD (or MP3 as most of my music is going that way)

But what about an EP – more than a single less than an album – well again I don’t tend to buy them – I probably buy it by the song (or weight up is it cheaper to buy the album rather than 11 out of 12 tracks for example!). Sometimes I download songs that I just can’t help but play over and over to the point that I’m singing it in the shower or while I put the kettle on at work.

Anyway! There’s an EP I want to tell you about.

A while back my blog-friend Chantilly, started up a Kickstarter project (if you’ve never heard of Kickstarter take a look here) so that she could record and produce her own EP. Well I already liked her music and her covers (or at least the ones I’ve seen on YouTube and not live – she’s in the US you know!) so I contributed to her Kickstarter project – the cool thing about it is that depending on the level of contribution to the project you might something back. So for example with Chantilly’s because I was at a certain level I got an advance track and a download (or something like that), on another project I got a bumper sticker (which I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with it but I have it – I might stick it to my MacBook!) Anyhoo so with Kickstarter you only pay your money if the person reaches their target – well Chantilly did and we waited with baited breathe for the EP to appear….and here it is!!

moon back cover

Today is the official release of her EP which is why I am dedicating today’s Tuesday Tunes to Chantilly. Over on Chantilly’s blog there is an Official Album Release Blog Party Awesomeness thing! She has a fab line up from lots of other bloggers (I’m now kicking myself that I did sign up but at the same time something had to give!). Her fab assistants for the day include Tieka from Selective Potential, Ashley from After Nine To Five. Mary-Morgan from The Muffington Post and Miki from Miki’s Scrapbook amongst other fab people.

uttm blog party header

So head over to Chantilly’s blog and take a look at all the fun that is kicking off over there or pop over to Bandcamp (click the link below) and listen to the tracks (it’s like try before you buy!). I reccomend Escape and Just The Way You Are.

I think you will like Chantilly if you like KT Tunstall, Sandi Thom, She and Him and The Civil Wars. Either way take a listen.

Minus the Tuesday Tunes logo at the top (which has it’s own link), all the images belong to Chantilly – she’s kindly let me use them to tell you all about her fab EP. Please go take a listen – she’s awesome I promise!


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