113: 25 Before I’m 26 – Update (Pt 1)

1. Read Love Wins by Rob Bell
This has sat on my bookcase pretty much since I got it – I’m going to try and read it this week but first up I want to get The Hobbit finished.

2. Take part in the “Messiah From Scratch” (Christmas 2011) 
At the end of November last year I was able to go to the “Messiah From Scratch” at the Royal Albert Hall. It was amazing and so much of a challenge but I really did struggle – I thought I would be able to sing soprano but I now know that if I go back this year I’m singing Alto for sure!

3. Watch Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 (July 2011)
Me, Chris, Mum and Rich (maybe my Dad and Rich’s girlfriend too) went to see the film when it came out at the cinema. My Mum sat next to me and about three quarters of the way through she whispered to me “Don’t tell me after all this Harry dies?!?!” Well I couldn’t tell her what happened – I wasn’t going to give it away.

4. Re-Read Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling (July 2011) 
Before we went to see the film I was determined to re-read the book – and I did. Was probably better the first time round buy my heart was still in my mouth towards the end.

5. Go on an adventure within the UK on my own. (April 2011) 
In April last year (the day after my birthday), my friend Dave moved up to Stockport to live nearer to his Fiance (who is now his wifey! Yay!!). Having dropped him and a car load of his things at his new house I drove home to Bedford – not the most direct route but it was pretty and it was an adventure. I drove along the A6 which goes through Hazel Grove and High Peak amongst some other little villages right through the Peak District (it was pretty much the same route that me, Chris and Our Sidekick drove last weekend following the wedding). I got to Sutton-in-Ashfield and visited Kewey – I then drove the rest of the way home (You can read the more detailed trip here.)

6. Read The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien (In Progress)
I’m in the progress of reading this – I have a paperback copy and a Kindle version in the hope that I can read bits between everything that is happening this week.

7. Make 10 Items to Open an Etsy Store
Well I managed the items and I opened the Etsy Store but that’s kind of where it finished – I’m not sure I will keep it going at the moment but I managed to achieve it.

8. Fix My Bike
Although we’ve been at this house for nearly three years and have been out of our first “flat” for four years my bike was still living in the church garage. Well me and Chris loaded it in the car and got it home – it got fixed and now lives in our garden lol. Okay so at least in the garage it was dry! Might have to move my bike down to the shed or at least get some tarpaulin or something to go over it.

9. Go on a Road Trip
This was also the same trip to Stockport – it was a slightly unplanned road trip but was so worth it. Had so much fun!

10. Watch 100 films
I thought this was going to be hard as it works out at about 2 a week but actually it was relatively easy. I worked my way through my DVD collection and borrowed DVDs from my brother – add in going to the cinema and that soon adds up to 100 films.

11. Read 5 Biographies
I know for sure that I’ve read at least 1 – maybe 2 but either way I’ve not completed this one. I thought it would be easy but actually I really struggled to find ones that I actually wanted to read.

12. Learn and Memorise 10 Scales on the Bass Guitar
I’ve kind of fallen out of love with playing the bass this last year and so I think learning scales wasn’t really something I wanted to be doing. With Our Sidekick coming to live with us practising in our house is a bit of a challenge. When he’s around after school it’s time to do tea some evenings by the time we’ve finished tea it’s time for Our Sidekick to go to bed and practicising an instrument is like the last thing I want to be doing.

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