114: Dear Monday

Dear Monday

Joining up with Megan from Happy Day Blog.

Dear Monday, the sun was shining this morning but by about lunchtime it clouded over and the heavens opened. It’s been raining pretty much for five hours straight now.

To my Manager, you rock! My colleague is on holiday and you’ve spent pretty much all day helping me out. You rock!

Dear Amazon Kindle Customer Service (Especially Rebecca H and Eleanor), YOU ROCK! I sent a chat message earlier and you asked me various questions but were able to diagnose that my Kindle is poorly and needs replacing. Can I have customer service lessons from your instructor?

Dear Rain, I know we need lots more of you due to the “drought” and “hose pipe ban” we’ve got but could it not rain when I don’t have a coat with me?

Dear Hot Chocolate, just what I needed after walking to the car without a coat and trying to park near The Fountain.


  1. Kathleen says:

    The rain is a pain but that hot chocolate sounds just the thing . Off to make myself one now you’ve put the idea in my head

    • Hannie says:

      Hot chocolate is good when its raining outside – makes me feel all cosy! Even better when there’s time to curl up with a book too.

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