136: Blog Holiday of Sorts


So having posted about being overwhelmed I accidentally on purpose gave myself a blog holiday – part of it was being too busy to blog, part of it was not being bothered to blog and part of it was writer’s block.

Then again I’ve been brewing up a storm – I have a new idea for something and am trying to think up a name so that I can get a blog/website started to spread the word.

In the last 10 days I’ve had alsorts on including Our Sidekick’s birthday which including setting up an email account and a Facebook Account and all the other bits that come with that.

I had a second phone call/meeting about the idea which was super exciting, that same day I hung out with my Dad at The Fountain and drank hot chocolate while being taught how to play card games that I’m sure my Dad has taught me in the past but it was good to hang out and be taught them again.

I’ve then been off sick this afternoon from work. I hate having to do it but I just couldn’t get my brain through the fog to work – I managed to complete enough of my stuff that I didn’t feel too bad about leaving. I came home and took up residence on the sofa and worked my way through recorded TV. I’ll have to see how I’m doing in the morning as to whether or not I go to work in the morning. Normally I’m there trying to work through it and end up feeling worse and dragging the cold out – this time I’ve come home on the first day of properly feeling it and hopefully if I stay home tomorrow as well it will be enough to shake it rather than dragging it out – oh well let’s see how I feel in the morning.

How are you all doing?

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