126: Overwhelmed

I think the weather is sending me a bit loopy. It’s been so dark and grey that I think my brain thinks we’re heading towards Christmas quicker than we are or something.

My colleague at work was on holiday for a fortnight and I think if Chris hadn’t been working 50-60 hour weeks at The Fountain I might have felt more in a better place all week. I’ve felt frazzled and like a whole week has flown by and I’ve not achieved anything because I jump from one thing to the next.

With all the craziness that seems to be happening I feel like this…….


Source: iwastesomuchtime.com via Emily on Pinterest

Yup I think I am at the point that a duvet day would be amazing – I might have to kick the boys out on Monday morning to make sure I get a lie in (You hear that boys!!)


I’d started this post at the beginning of last week when I genuinely thought my head was going to explode because there was just so much going on in it.

By Saturday I was feeling better and had thought about not posting this. I’ve been reading a bunch of posts on other blogs about being genuine and remembering that live isn’t 100% rainbows and butterflies all the time so I decided I’m going to leave this and post it anyway.

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