Book Worm… I am!

As most of my friends know I love reading! Can’t get enough of it! I love reading all sorts of books – obviosuly I have my favourites but I read anything. I found this website called LibraryThing. It’s where you can share the books you’ve read with the rest of the internet community. So here is my list as it stands and when it has moved on because we are in January to the right is a link to the page with the chart on it.

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  1. Ellie says:

    I can’t see the link?

    I think for the book reading swap you read a minimum amount of books, write a review on them and send them to your swap partners. By the end of the four quarterly swaps you should have a copy of all your book reviews, plus the ones your swap partners have sent you. You can then make them into some sort of file/book/zine – whatever you want really.

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