2 days

I think since about August I have been waiting for this film to come out. Having looked at the Cineworld website to see if it’s on. It turns out that it came out back in August!! How blonde am i! So at some point in the future I am going to rent it and hopefully it’s as good as I thought it might be back in August.

My other relevancy to 2 days is that I ordered my new iPod on the 27th and I am waiting for the postie to come and deliver it. I keep going and standing on the step outside our front door and look down the street to see if he’s (or she’s) coming. Our post normally arrives about 10:30 to 11 ish and weekends it has been around half past 2. It’s half past 2 in 17ish minutes and I am born of waiting. If it’s not coming today could the postwo/man just arrive so that I know it’s not coming (and then I can get slightly annoyed at Amazon as they quoted 1 – 2 days – lol!)


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