The One With Early Excitement

Am I losing the plot or something? Then again maybe the plot was never there in the first place – I was very very excited yesterday about things like #140conf – my manager confirmed that I could have the day off work and my friend who lives in London says that I can crash on her floor/sofa (or maybe soor/flofa) the night before so that I don’t have to get a stupidly early train – this is completely lovely and fab of her because it’s a school night (ok so it’s not but work night doesn’t really make the same point lol).

I am really excited because I might be able to put actually faces to the people I chat to on Twitter (or a small number of people). I’ve already put a face to @Rubyam because we had a Skype conversation the other day. Much to the annoyance of That Boy because he was trying to work and then I was talking to Rubyam rather than talking to him. I then explained that talking to someone in Australia is a little challenging due to the time difference – we have to chat at 11pm my time because when I get up in the morning Rubyam is still at work and so then can’t chat because she’s doing her job.

This weekend I need to design my T-shirt, I’ve decided that I am going to wear a t-shirt with my blog address and @girltaristhan (my Twitter thingy) on the back so that I can be self advertising (is that such a phrase?)

I’ve also been thinking about whether to take business cards/CV’s with me – then again maybe I can save the file on my phone and then send it by Bluetooth and Email to people at the conference.


Dear Twitter person,

I understand you don’t know who I am, however you may have seen me wandering round in my self advertising T-shirt. I am looking for a job and should I be relevant for anything you may have in UK based company I would be really excited to chat over it some more – please find attached my CV and my contact details (or I can be contacted on Twitter via @girltaristhan)

Yours truly,

Han @girltaristhan


  1. Louise says:

    Hi there,

    Just stopping by your place to say hello and thanks for the comment left on my pages yesterday. I love discovering new to me blogs and bloggers.

    I am Danish and live in Denmark and blog in both English and Danish, although I have been neglecting my Danish blog a bit the past months.

    Hope you find a job!

  2. cindi says:

    I think the tee shirt advertising is a great idea! Maybe you could market it to others. I mean, sheesh, Imight have to try it for myself…before you trademark the idea. Good luck!

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