179: Family Date Night – Catch Up

I had this plan that on Monday or Tuesday after Family Date Night I’d blog about it – who knows it might inspire people out there. But it didn’t happen – there’s been a bunch of stuff whizzing round my brain and life and I just haven’t had the capacity to deal with any more than the necessary bits.

Family Date Night 2: 17th June

This week it was my choice. Our Sidekick had had two friends over for a sleepover the night before so he was not in the mood for anything energetic. (Actually given the choice I think he would have stayed on the sofa and napped all evening!)

We let him nap for half an hour then took him down to the park near our house.

We started the Family Date Night by going out to fly the kite – having been in town for contact time we’d noticed it was windier than last week and so we’d give it another try. I kept messing about which including walking in the opposite direction or not throwing the kite when Chris said he was ready or throwing it when he wasn’t ready (I think this was annoying him more than anything lol)

Our Sidekick came out for a little while but wasn’t happy. He popped home quickly to get changed, he grabbed his football while he was there and occupied himself by having a kick about while we played with the kite.

After a little while the wind died down a bit and we decided to wander towards where Our Sidekick was playing football. I managed to tackle him and steal the ball – I tried to dribble towards the goal but when I kicked it, the ball when completely the wrong direction – clearly I need more practice.

Let's go fly a kite!! (yes I have been singing the song from #photoaday )
Chris joined in and we passed the ball between us, Chris kept kicking it passed Our Sidekick so he had to run and get the ball and come back to us.

We then headed back inside and put Charlie and The Chocolate Factory on. Now I’m normally a fan of Johnny Depp – I think he’s a really good actor but him as Willy Wonka just gives me the creeps. Some of the stuff he comes out with is really weird!

Wonka's postcard

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I’d curled up on the sofa to watch the film and actually dozed off – I know that it wasn’t that exciting as I’ve seen it before but that’s a bit ridiculous. When I fell asleep Chris was sat at the end of the sofa. When I woke up from my nap he’d got up and sat on the floor so that I had space to nap. He’s so sweet!

Family Date Night 3: 24th June

This Sunday it was Our Sidekick’s turn. I think when we discussed it a few weeks ago we instigated that Xbox etc. was allowed but it would be for a short amount of time of the evening rather than the whole evening. The original plan involved us watching Despicable Me again while eating popcorn and tea. I got a text from Caz asking if Our Sidekick was going to the service at King’s Arms as she was going to bring her son. Well originally we weren’t but when I told Our Sidekick that Caz’s son would be there he was really excited about going to hang out with him. So we ended up going to King’s Arms Church to listen to George Verwer speak about OM (Operation Mobilisation) which was really good.

First we had worship time which was good – the first (or might have been second) song that we sung was The Happy Song by Delirious – this is one of my favourites and love dancing around to it but we were in the second row of seats in the middle of the row so I couldn’t get out to dance in the aisle and I couldn’t jump up and down where I was because the rows were too close together – I just did a funny bop up and down on my toes with a wiggle or something in the middle – I probably looked like I was having a fit but I’m sure God knew what was in my heart and what I was trying to do lol.

I ended up having a look on the OM website at short term mission trips that they run. I had looked at going to Amsterdam for two weeks with YWAM this summer but the trip I was looking at doing is going ahead but it’s only for one day rather than a week like they thought before so it’s too much to get to Amsterdam for one or two days. Also with Our Sidekick being with us it might be better to spend that time with him rather than living Chris to “single parent” it for a fortnight. OM do short term trips all over the world. There was a trip to Japan that looks very interesting but I think it would be a huge culture shock (as cool as it would be!)

Back to Chris’s choice this weekend.

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