191: 15 Day Challenge – July 9th


Joining with Sarah from Life of Love for the 15 Day Challenge.

Describe the best day of your life.

May 12th 2007, the day that me and Chris got married. But there is the whole story about how we met first.

When I was a teenager part of me was convinced that I’d be alone for my whole life, I’d annoy or upset all my friends and become a grumpy old cat lady (well without the cats).

Then I “found” Chris. So I’d actually found Chris when I was in Year 10 at School. I was 15 and was at a bible camp called CCCF (stands for Caravanners and Campers Christian Fellowship). I’d been going every year pretty much since I was 1ish (I would have been about 4 weeks old for the National Rally in 1986).

So roll forward to May 2001 and my family head off to the camp.

At camp me and my brother would explore the site and help my parents put up the awning on the caravan – we’d help other people near as well, by the time i was 16 I could pretty much do it on my own (well minus lifting the canvas to start as I was either too short or not strong enough).

Most days went something like this – we’d go to the youth meeting in the morning, head “home” to the caravan for lunch (usually via the Campsite shop where my Grandparents and Parents would volunteer), play or hang out in the afternoon then go to the youth meeting in the evening after tea.

While writing this entry I went to try and find my journal but I couldn’t so this is from memory! I remember at the time it was a fluffy journal from the Disney store – it was white with black spots like a dalmatian (101 Dalmatians had been recently released). I remember writing about the first evening meeting Chris and how him and another lad both really liked me and Chris bought me a hot chocolate then because I burnt my tongue on the hot chocolate he bought me a can of 7up from the tuck shop – he wouldn’t let me pay him back lol. We were inseparable that week, he was lovely and kind and he’d walk me back to my parents caravan from the youth tent rather than make me walk alone (although it would be perfectly safe for me to walk back in the dark lol).

We tried the whole boyfriend/girlfriend thing but it didn’t really work. In my 15 year old brain Chris’s house was too far to catch the bus. Yeah don’t ask how this worked exactly. I was 15 and a teenager lol.

We lost touch somewhere along the line but got back in touch enough that I invited Chris to my 18th Birthday party and he came. My friends remembered him as he had a really really bright Hawaiian shirt and a really loud laugh.

Fast forward a bit further – Chris goes off to university up in Hull and I’m here at university in Bedford (do the maths it’s closer to 200 miles apart – Bedford to Chris’s old house was about 30 miles!). We spend a bunch of time chatting via email and MSN and then somehow on the 13th March 2005 we decide (with some help from two friends) that we want to try going out again. Well clearly this was the time because on the 13th September 2005 Chris proposed to me – his whole plan didn’t quite work out but it happened in the end.

On the 12th May 2007 we got married.

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