192: 15 Day Challenge – July 10th


Joining with Sarah from Life of Love for the 15 Day Challenge.

Most Embarrassing Moment

I can think of many embarrassing moments, I was picked on at Upper School and so there were always occasions where I’d put my foot in it or felt like I needed the floor to swallow me up.

During a performance in Year 9 I went on stage to perform my solo and the music didn’t start, then when it did it was in the wrong place and then cut out. I was taken off the stage as the tech team couldn’t get it working. In the end it worked but I was so embarrassed that I desperately didn’t want to go out on stage again, I dragged some bravery from somewhere and got on with it lol.

Then there was a time when I was a teenager I was a real klutz. It didn’t make sense as I was part of the dance club and could usually put one food in the other. Except I went through a stage of falling over my own feet. I was learning to drive but was still walking most places as I didn’t have a car. I worked at a builder’s merchant when I was seventeen at the same time that I went through this stage. One particular day I tripped over my own feet in the main aisle and then I walked home from work and on the way home I tripped over and grazed up my knees.

Okay last one – and pretty embarrassing lol. In Year 13 we had to do a performance outside in the courtyard of our school. I had to pretend to die (comedy OTT version of dying) on stage and was then dragged off by my ankles for comedic effect. Because I was playing a guy I had to wear funny shorts and a pair of white tights. Unfortunately the costume I was given to wear was totally the wrong size – the tights were too small so kept riding down and the shorts were too big so kept falling down. When I was dragged off by my ankles, the velcro on the shorts had got stuck to the tights and I could feel them creeping down (or up given that my back was on the floor and my feet were in the air!). I could feel my face getting hotter and hotter because I couldn’t reach up and hold onto my shorts because I was supposed to be dead. I got to the edge of the stage and as I fidgeted round realised that I mooned the tech guy who was sat in the doorway that was acting as our wing. Yep super embarrassing!


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