20 Projects in 2020: Project 3

One of my goals for 2020 is to complete 20 projects. More than likely these will be knitting or crochet but it’s always possible that some sewing will creep in there too. Here’s the latest completed project. (The full 20 in 2020 list will be available soon!)

20 Projects in 2020

Project 3: Equinox Crop Jumper

This is my second test knit for Verity at Truly Hooked. I was still very nervous whether I’d be able to do Verity’s pattern justice and whether it would come out the way it was supposed to.

I found that the finished product might need to be a bit longer in the body but that’s definitely personal preference rather than something wrong for the pattern.

The patterned yarn at the top is Trance by Truly Hooked. I purchased it at Fibre East back in the Summer. The other grey is a James C. Brett yarn that Mum and I compared and decided it was close enough to work together.

I kept finding that no matter how many more rows I did on each sleeve for a while they didn’t seem to grow at all! (Is this a sleeve thing?) I wondered if it was also because I’m used to doing cuff up sleeves rather than shoulder down.

In the end they were just about long enough to cast off and class it as finished. I still need to sew in the ends and definitely to practice my photography skills (or ask one of the boys?!) but it’s another finished product I can actually wear! (Unlike the red jumper from a few years ago that I had to give away in the end because it was too small!