20th August

I know a very unoriginal post title but you’ll see why soon. As I write this, I’m sat in my bed it’s 20 to 11 on a Saturday night and my throat is hurting even more than it was yesterday. I keep sneezing and my left nostril can’t decide whether it’s running or not – I think cold relief will definitely be needed tomorrow and I think after church I am going to come home and sleep. I would stay home and sleep but I’m supposed to be playing bass and helping the kids with the craft stuff (We’re making the next parts in our armour of God – read Ephesians 6:11-17ish). Then again if I’m all sick and icky breathing over the kids probably isn’t the best option. I think I’ll see how I’m doing – I can always go up the front for prayer.

Today was pretty busy – maybe staying home and sleeping would have been a better option lol. I was fast asleep and my alarm went off – I realised that it was only 8am so I rolled over to go back to sleep for another hour. I was about to doze of completely when Chris arrived at the bedroom door with breakfast in bed for me.

I was trying to sleep when this arrived. :)

I got up this morning and went to collect my Mum on the way into town. We headed into town, there was a card making workshop at The Art Centre and Gallery so we popped in there but it wasn’t really covering anything that we didn’t already know between us (like stamping and decoupage). We stood in front of the paper/card shelf and compared colours while decided which combination to use for Grandma and Grandad’s Golden Wedding Anniversay Order of Services and Menus for the meal after.

I bought some card blanks so that I could make some more cards as I’d used all mine up – I got ones that are like brown recycled paper. I had planned to make a New Home card as we were off to a housewarming party this afternoon and a birthday card for JellySlug as between Grapevine and us doing LE2JOG I wouldn’t see her until after her birthday,.

We went back to Mum’s and got started on some prototype ideas – so that we didn’t cut all the fancy twirls etc in the wrong coloured paper. My Dad kept making silly comments about what we were doing, also he was getting stressed at the PC as it wasn’t printing how it wanted it done (double sided but a particular way round or something like that lol)

Mum creating a design

The throat sweets I had weren’t really doing anything for my sore throat so I went and got a hot Ribena – in the end I drank two – the second was slightly warmer than the first as I put the cold water in second rather than first. Mum and Me had a team effort to make lunch – she’d put the sausages on for sandwiches and I checked them and then served up them. I was serving and Dad came in and asked which sandwich was his and I pointed to one on the worktop then turned back to the grill pan and realised that there were 15 thin sausages. So I asked mum how many it was each. She said something that completely confused me and then I asked her again and the second time I got “4 sausages each apart from me who is have 3 because that was the end of the bag” – my Dad then made a comment something like “Well why didn’t you say that the first time?”.

Normally i drink diet - this is my first can of fat cola in years I think

In the end for Grandma and Grandad’s Wedding anniversary stationary bits I’d cut out 60 of these flowers, which are just part of the design – Mum was working on the other bits as I had to go shortly after lunch.

Flowers (Grandma and Grandads Golden Wedding bits)

We spent the afternoon at our friend’s house as they were having a housewarming. Having taken so many pictures in the morning by the time I got to the housewarming the battery on my phone was dying (this is ridiculous that it lasts less than a day).

In the evening I went to hang out with @Jellyslug. We watched Mean Girls and Julie and Julia. She challenged me to do the 524 recipes of Mastering The Art of French Cooking in two years – we worked out it would be about 5 recipes per week.

It’s now Sunday morning as I finish this and I’m missing church today. I woke up and said to Chris that I felt like death warmed up and that was decided – I was staying home. Going to try and go back to sleep again. Chris brought me breakfast in bed again this morning which was lovely but now I have breakfast in me I can’t sleep lol.

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