Mission Rescue: Day 4

Mission Rescue

This week, I’ve been helping at Mission Rescue holiday club at Howard Memorial Church in Cardington. I used to go with my brother as a kid and my Mum was helping and now, my Mum is still helping I help in the same group (I often end up doing the crafts as well lol) and my brother helps in the drama (As well as being in the oldest group – the age limit is supposed to be 18 but it keeps stretching!)

Anyway, this week we’ve been doing the story of Moses and how he got the people out of Egypt – yesterday was the plagues and it was given to me to organise the messy game. I came up with the idea of covering your partner’s face with shaving foam and then you have to stick on as many cotton wool balls as you can in your 30 seconds or something like that.

Well we did the game and I was clearing up. It’s an ongoing joke that my brother and his friend wind up some of the leaders – especially the guy who leads from the front called Brian. Well we finished the messy game and Brian was giving out instructions for the next bit so I crept up behind him and wiped the cotton wool covered in shaving foam that I had in my hand across his face – I’m not sure he appreciated it but he’s usually up for a laugh so I got away with it.

This is where I got a bit cocky – I decided that it would be hilarious that while my brother is chatting to someone in his group, I’d creep up and attack him with the cotton wool and shaving foam. Well this wasn’t such a good idea because he stood up (he’s like 6 foot tall to my 5 foot 2) grabbed me and then started to get me, his friend Aaron then decided to join in as well so it was two against one! What a wally! Then again yes I was very silly to take on my brother but it was so much fun. I think my Mum has one photo as her camera went all blurry and I was covered in too much shaving foam to even consider taking a photo on my phone lol.

Tonight is the last night of Holiday Club for this year and tonight’s part of the story is about Moses crossing the Red Sea and we find out what happens to the Agents in the drama. (My brother is Agent E2 and he speaks very high like he’s breathing helium).

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