213: Dear Monday (on a Tuesday!)

Dear Monday Joining with Megan from Happy Day.

Dear CJ, you are my superhero, you dealt with so much rubbish in the past 48-72 hours and I love you so much for it. I’d be curled up in the corner having a weep if it wasn’t for you (either that or I’d have skived work and took Our Sidekick for an adventure away from all the rubbish).

Dear Our Sidekick, I wanted to hug you so tightly when I finished work yesterday. I wanted to tell you that we’d get the creases ironed out and things would be okay in the end. I think you needed to know that it would be like that. I think you were unhappy with Chris and me for the choice that was made but I hope that you see the bigger picture in the days to come and realise we weren’t doing it to be mean or nasty.

Free Hugs

Dear Momma, I don’t think my words could express just how grateful I am for yesterday. Chris phoned me and I had a little freak out then he said this is the plan and this is what’s going to happen and you came to our rescue and helped us how when we needed you. Thank you thank you thank you.


Dear Rich, I think you do know that Our Sidekick played your xBox for most of yesterday – I’m hoping that you don’t mind (if you didn’t know!)

Dear Becca, you should have got mail yesterday. It would have a Bristol postmark on it which might have confused you but at the same time you’d have recognised the handwriting and it should have made you smile. I wrote to you while waiting for the Olympics Opening Ceremony to start.

Dear Chris (because you get two letters a la Today’s Letters), next time you give me a kiss goodbye could you poke me to see if I’m awake first? Yesterday morning I was asleep and you made me jump. It was a nice jump but for those first few seconds while my brain caught up were horrible. It hadn’t made the connection that waking up with your face about an inch for mine wasn’t menacing but a loving gesture.

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