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If you hadn’t already guessed I’m a bit of a film nerd. I could quite happily park myself in front of the TV with crisps or popcorn and watch all the LOTR films or the Star Wars film (got to be Episode 4 to 6) in one go. Me and JD have a list on my phone (or it might be on hers too) and each time we go to the cinema and see a trailer we like the film goes on the list. We even add ones by text message when we’ve seen the trailer on the TV during New Girl or 2 Broke Girls (we both like these shows – I think JD could be Max to my Caroline – then again I don’t own any named brand clothes – well maybe a Bench jumper and Nike trainers but that’s about it!)

So we have this list, but now I’ve started writing the films in my diary – it tends to be that I write in the opening day and then if needed write it in a second time for example when I went to see the last Harry Potter film with my Mum.

I had a quick flick through and there are quite a few films between now and Christmas – that’s just what I have written in there at the moment – I’m sure there are going to be more to add to the list as the year goes on.

However there might be an issue, my local cinema is a bit rubbish when it comes to smaller films (for example like Seeking a Friend for The End of The World – it’s not on in Bedford I’ve got to go to MK or Cambridge if I want to see it) so something like Blinkbox comes in handy when the films get as far as rental or buy (and you don’t need a subscription like you do with other services!)

Seeking a Friend for The End of the World
This hasn’t been showing in Bedford which is really annoying, I might have to go to MK to see it – it’s just a matter of finding an evening that is free for the 1.5 hour round trip. JD and me saw the trailer and decided that we had to see it – that simple lol.

Anna Karenina
This has been on my To Be Read list for as long as I’ve had a list, somehow in my brain I decided that I should read Anna Karenina – I’d be super cultured and do it. Well it’s taken me about 8 years to get as far as reading Wuthering Heights and even longer than that to finally read Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier.

Les Miserables
I am also a Musical Theatre Geek so when you mix movies with a musical you get a winning combination (well most of the time but that’s another argument lol), so me, my Mum and I think JD are all very excited about this adaptation. I’ve seen the stage show twice – once in London (7 rows from the front!) and a school adapted performance at my old Upper School. I imagine that I’ll be there singing along so don’t sit near me if you don’t want to be interrupted!

The Perks of Being A Wallflower
This is also on my TBR list – actually it’s made it as far as my Kindle and I keep trying to read it between the other books that I have on the go.

Tim Burton – He’s fab.


The Hobbit

Beasts of the Southern Wild

I loved James Bond films growing up – I mainly loved all the gadgets and the stunts. Then I hit my teens and got feminist about it and how it objectifies women and things like that. But I’ve grown out that and am back to gadgets and stunts.


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      I’m so far behind with replying to comments! It’s a pity we don’t live closer together then we could hang out and tick some of these films off our lists! lol.

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