The One with My Tuesday Evening

So yesterday, well this is before and excluding the falling down the stairs issues. After work I went to the supermarket for some food. I spotted the Rock Angel top that @minxymoggy found the other day for me (and tweeted about it too!) This is what it looks like.

Me and my friend David were discussing about whether I should get it and the conclusion we came to was yes and because then it could come out of my Marketing budget. Erm well ok so I don’t have a marketing budget for my blog and anything resembling marketing is at my own expense but I figured it was a good idea anyway. What do you think?

I then went to another local store to get a zip for Ali, she’d been into town at lunch and the one store she thought she might be able to get a zip from and the girl serving her wasn’t very helpful at all. So I popped into the store round the corner from the supermarket and was able to get one in the right colour for Ali.

I headed home and put away the shopping and grabbed some tea before parking in front of the television for a DVD fest. I watched the end of My Sister’s Keeper (I’d started it Monday evening), Imagine That and The History Boys. Somewhere in the middle I also watched The Brit awards albeit at high speed in places. (Me and Rickie discussed writing posts about The Brits so I might watch it again on high speed while scribbling bits to turn into a blog post. You can read Rickie’s blog post here.)

So I have three film reviews and a blog post about the Brits to write so I think I’ll catch you all later.


  1. David says:

    Did you buy the T-Shirt? I still think you ought to get it, you could also get one for Chris to wear to help promote your web site, you could both wear matching t-shirts, bet him wearign it would be more noticeable than you wearing it 😉

    • Hannie says:

      I haven’t bought the top yet. I’m still debating over it lol. It’s £6 I think and I do like it but the question is do I need another top/t-shirt?

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