234: Bedford Park Run. Wk2


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On Saturday I did Park Run again. I say run but between the heat and my ankle just being funky I pretty much walked a bunch of it – I still came in under an hour and surprised both JenJen and AndyL when AndyL joked about sprinting and then I went for it. I have no idea where it came from but i charged like a mad lady for about 50-100m and then slowed down. They were both surprised given that I attempt to do the 5k and I’m dying before we’ve even reached the 2k marker and yet I managed to pull this sprint out of now here lol. AndyL said that he thought he’d just have to jog or run to my sprint but he was almost going full pelt as well (Okay maybe he was exaggerating but I know I’m going at my full pelt when my vision goes funky – like the floor is bouncing lol)

I got home and collapsed on the sofa – I was knakered again – I’m sure it gets better eventually but I think I am a person who wants results straight away so I want to step on the scales in the morning and see that something I did the day before did make a difference and I’m heading for my weight target. But then like yesterday it hadn’t moved and I got really down hearted (which probably in a round about way spurred me on to go on Saturday and do what I could to run like a mad woman to the finish line lol. We turn the final corner and I can see the finish line and I go for it. We’d lost AndyL by the time we were getting to the finish line but me and JenJen were around near the finish line together I think. Then again by the time I got to the finish line I thought my lung might explode (Ah the joys of asthma! Hopefully with the weight loss my Asthma might get better too).


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