233: Dear Monday

Joining with Megan from Happy Day.

Dear CJ, thank you for getting me a glass of water during the worship time at church. It was so warm this weekend and I’m not entirely sure I’d been drinking enough. Normally leaning against the wall is enough to cool off but even that wasn’t helping yesterday.

Dear K, thank you for acting silly with me up the front of church when B asked for volunteers. I ended up playing Jesus in the sketch that we did about Jesus feeding the Five Thousand and thank you for rescuing my before I squished Little W. (Did you know it appears in all four gospels?)

Dear Big W, you rock my socks! You poked me in the back in church yesterday to tell me about your wobbly tooth – it’s your first one so you’re really excited – how did you get so grown up already?

Dear Zoza, you’re back in Bedford – I saw you arrive at church and I wanted to put down my guitar and hug you. Unfortunately we were having a run through and I couldn’t leave the stage but I came and grabbed you for a high speed hug just before I was called back to the stage again lol.

Dear Friends, I am so excited – my first post for HUGStronger goes live today – so stupidly excited (It goes live at 10am EDT – so that’s like 3pm BST). Be sure to read it here (Also read other posts by the team they are inspiring)


Dear CJ, (You get two letters a la Today’s Letters) I really hope you feel better soon, You’ve had to have gluten based foods this week before your blood test to prove whether or not you’re gluten intolerant. I need to read up more about it in case you are gluten intolerant or if you’re coeliac.

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