237: Fill In The Blanks Friday

 Fill In The Blanks - 24th August

(Joining with Lauren from The Little Things We Do)

  1. My favorite thing to do on Friday is when I finish work, collect JD from work or from her house and then head over to MK to go to the cinema – usually preceded by dinner.
  2. This Friday I am doing stuff! After work I went to the park and went for a run/walk. I managed to do 1.84km and it was probably about an equal split between walking and running which means I think I am getting better.  I came home and grabbed a shower – when I flooded the floor I remembered that I needed to replace the tube that runs from the shower head to the taps. I got dressed and mopped up the water (ended up with a really wet knee on my jeans lol). When Our Sidekick got home we headed to The Fountain to collect Chris from work. I then spent the evening writing blog posts, emails and generally not doing any chores lol.
  3. The best thing about a weekend is when you have Monday off as well because it’s a Bank Holiday! Woot!
  4. Now that summer is almost over, I’m feeling nervous and excited. With August coming to an end it means that Our Sidekick is starting Upper School and I’m a bit nervous if we’ve got everything sorted and things like that. I’m also excited because it’s a huge step for him and minus the bullying I enjoyed Upper School. (And now that term is almost started I don’t feel so silly about planning Christmas things now lol)
  5. The best thing I did this summer was going on holiday with Chris and Our Sidekick (You can read the posts here).
  6. The thing I’m looking forward to about fall is the temperature cooling down a bit now I’m getting into running – last week it was too hot and I thought I was going to die or something equally drastic lol. I had a lay down on the sofa after running and two hours later I realised I hadn’t really done anything other than 2 and a bit laps of the park and then crashed in a heap at home.
  7. If I had to be stuck in one season for the rest of my life, I would choose Spring or Fall – when it’s sunny but not too hot so you need a t-shirt or vest top on but also not so cold that you need a big wooly jumper on and you feel like the Michelin Man!   

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