240: Dear Monday

Joining with Megan from Happy Day.

Dear Chris, Sometimes you make comments and then I know that you’re reading my blog other times I wonder if I post these encouragements and then they disappear into the ether – can you let me know? Semaphore or Morse is fine but just give me a heads up so I can load up Wikipedia to decode what you’re saying to me!

Dear Dad, You wrote me and email on Friday to pass on some information about running kit and some other bits. You signed off with “Keep it up v. proud Dad”. Six small words and I was almost a quivering heap in front of Chris’s iMac! Thank you for encouraging me even when I’m being a bit barmy and thank you for hugging me when live doesn’t go quite right. Thank you for giving me those hugs that make me feel like although the problem hasn’t gone away, I can take it on and you’ll be there to be a sounding board. Thank you Dad I love you.

Dear World, Do you have those days where something is said to you or something happens and you change the way you think or the way you do something? I’d like to hear about your stories – please let me know.

Dear Hels, I am so excited for you – Baby is due soon – I just want him to hurry up so that we can all meet him!!

Dear Mr J (because he gets two letters a la Today’s Letters), on Saturday you DJ’d at J’s wedding – you did awesome! I had a great time and I got to meet @Mellywho.


  1. Lily says:

    Hannah, I like this “Dear Monday” thing. Could you tell me a little bit more about it? Like is it always a mini-letter to someone or can it be to the day or to yourself or …. Is it supposed to be about something recent? Is it supposed to be geared to people who read the blog?

    • Hannie says:

      Hey Lily! It’s what you want it to be! The idea it’s letters to people, feellings or maybe an event.

      So today here in the UK is a bank holiday (national holiday) so it could be like Dear Feet, I managed to walk/run 15km today but you are sore and swollen – you’re sacked or maybe it’s to an inanimate object Dear Scales, I’m not sure where that 6kg has gone but please keep it I don’t want it back.

      Could be Dear Monday, Tomorrow is Tuesday and I don’t feel exactlt like going back to work – please hang around a bit longer.

      I always try to include two to Chris – because sometimes I’m rubbish and forget to say a proper thank you to him for things he does for me. (He went in the house earlier and got my flip flops, he brought them out to the car in the rain and then carried on unloading the car – Thank you Chris!) This is in the style of Today’s Letters, Em writes a letter to Tim each day which nearly always include something she’s grateful for whether it’s finding cute notes in their journal (or the super cool places that they manage to hide it like taping it to the shower wall or hiding it in the dryer). Or just giving each other a high five for stuff they done to show love etc.

      (Em and Tim are such an inspiring couple going for God – one day I want to hug them both and tell them how awesome they are because I don’t think my blog comments to it justice!)

      ANYWAY! So the idea is to say thank you or have a bit of a complain.

      I think I am rambling! Too much walking and exercise has killed my brain so if this makes no sense please ask other questions and I’ll be back later or tomorrow!

      P.s. You can write it to anyone – I don’t think Hels will be reading it right now as she’s juggling her new baby but it’s a way of documenting that, that happened in a way.

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