243: 100 Words: Week 56

100 Word Challenge
I haven’t taken part in 100 Words in ages but I decided I needed to get involved again. Starting this week! You can join in here

The prompt for this week is … being clear is essential to ….

“I’ve told you before” she repeated louder than before “Being clear is essential to good understanding” then she left the room.

Clearly she needed to be more understanding and clearer in her instructions. How was I supposed to make it all the way there and back with little more than a packed lunch, a flask of tea and a pair of roller skates. I’ve heard of mission impossible but never thought it would happen to me, especially in my first week Maybe it was some kind of initiation. You survive this and you get to stay, fail and you’re fired.


    • Hannah says:

      Dug, I always find that 100 words is not enough – I’m too much of a chatterbox! I spent so much time at school trying to make up word counts for essays etc. that now I can’t do it the other way round and cut out words! Maybe you should send me some of those questions so I can be clearer lol.

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