244: Fill in The Blanks Friday

Fill In The Blanks - 31st August

(Joining with Lauren from The Little Things We Do)

1.  Over this labor day weekend I will be well it’s a normal weekend here in the UK so I won’t have Monday off (although we had a bank holiday last weekend so this week was 4 days woot!). My brother Rich and his best friend Aaron are doing a 24 hour Gaming Marathon for The Fountain. It kicks off at 9am tomorrow and finishes at 9am Sunday. Also this weekend we say goodbye to a friend S as he moves on from working at The Fountain which is really sad but we’re having a party tomorrow. Erm what else am I doing – I think I’m helping out at The Fountain but I’m not 100% sure.

2.  With the political debates going on right now, my thoughts are again Americanism lol. Erm Obama vs Romney as far as I know right? The thing that bugs me about politics is too much off the time they just point the finger and tell us what the other party didn’t do rather than what they are going to do for me. I’ve read about the lengths that the Suffragettes went to, to get Women the vote so even if I don’t necessarily agree with all the politicians say I am going to use that vote to try and change my country for the better – however that comes.

3.  Today I am super excited that I get some time to myself this evening lol. I think I’m going to start with going to my Mum’s to watch another episode of Newsroom. Have you been watching it?.

4. The best thing I’ve cooked recently was gluten free pancakes. I’ve not really cooked that much – I’ve either not been home to eat, we’ve been lazy or Chris has cooked lol. Yesterday we had cooked chicken from the deli counter at the supermarket and oven chips yesterday. It was supposed to be like supermarket version of Our Sidekick’s takeaway favourite in the hope that it was a bit healthier lol.

5. The last thing I bought was chicken and chips yesterday. Then again shortly it’ll be my lunch.

6. The best movie I saw this summer was  I haven’t actually seen that many this summer – life kept misbehaving! We did however see Brave last weekend which I really liked. I started watching Precious earlier this week as it was on iPlayer but the Mum just kept bugging me – why do people think it’s okay to beat their kids? (Then again Gabourey Sidibe is an awesome inspiring actress)

7.  The best book I read this summer was erm I don’t know – I’ve been trying to cut down my “in progress” pile as somehow I managed to get to 12 in progress! I even dug out my copy of House and Philosophy in the hope that I’d finish reading it but I’ve not been in the frame of mind to get my head round philosophy. In the last few weeks I finished We Can’t Go Home Again by Max Dubinsky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chobsky and now I’m reading Flash and Bones by Kathy Reichs. I will cut down that list!


    • Hannah says:

      I’m not sure I’ll be going back to watch the rest of it – I couldn’t deal with some of the subject matter – still can’t get my head around how a parent can abuse their child in any shape or form. The minute Our Sidekick is upset I want to fix the problem not make it worse for him or tell him off when it’s not his fault and things like that.

  1. jess says:

    Hey there love! I just got your comment on my blog about the instagram photos! I go to my instagram profile on a website called “webstagram” You can get to it by googling your instagram name and webstagram in the search.

    Then after I’m on my profile, there’s a series of letters beside each photo. I click the “T” and it takes me to a tiny version of my image. Then (I use google chrome) I right click on the image and click “Inspect Element” and I copy and paste each individual code into the HTML section of my blog posts.

    It seems like a lot of work but once you get the hang of it, it takes less than five minutes!
    Hope this helps!!

    Much love

    • Hannah says:

      Cool! I will give it a try – seems a bit long winded but it might just be when it’s written down (you know how you learn the short cuts and quick ways to do things!)

  2. Annika says:

    Good luck for your brother and his friend! I would love to do a marathon one day, but at my current state of fitmness a gaming marathon would be more up my street. :o)

    • Hannah says:

      I have no idea what happened there! Wrote a whole reply to you and then it just vanished!

      They managed to do it – I saw them at about 2am when I headed to the living room sofa to try and sleep (which I did until 4am and then again until 8am) they were playing Gears of War and so were quite happy beating each other up. Then I saw them at about 8:30 – they both looked exhausted and I think they were both glad to see their beds. I know I was glad to see mine for a few extra hours of proper sleep. The sleep on the sofa was like a nap because I couldn’t stretch out properly.

    • Annika says:


      Your replies somehow ended up in my spam folder, I am glad I found them before they got deleted. Silly GMail! I used to play World Of Warcraft and had a few night-long sessions, so I can completely relate! :o)

      Have a good week!


  3. Sarah Rooftops (@SarahRooftops) says:

    I hear you. While I’m British and things work slightly differently here, I don’t have time for political parties which resort to name calling and finger pointing. If your own policies are strong, that should be your emphasis, right? It doesn’t matter what the other folk are doing if you’re standing up and promising to do what you think is right.

    • Hannah says:

      Exactly you should be standing up saying “This is what I want to do and why you should vote for me and not the other guy”. I’ve heard that Michelle Obama gave a speech earlier this week and said that her husband was in touch with the everyday man or something like that. I thought that was kind of funny given how he’s PotUS and probably hasn’t had a job where he’s been treated like an everyday man for a while lol. Oh well each to their own – I can see her point and why she said it. Do you think Obama will get another term in office?

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